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Düsseldorf Überblick
November 2005

"Using garments is essential which very nearly transcends all social and socio-economic boundaries; yet, most clothes goods are produced beneath the most worker-exploited conditions. It is our objective to-break this cycle." American Apparel features marketed the cause of manufacturing clothes, which includes maybe not already been created at the cost of cheap work, and which individuals like to put on. All American attire garments is created exclusively within their 350 square meter factory in downtown l . a .. Design, sales and marketing and advertising… everything, including creation of the catalogue, takes place here. The focus associated with the whole textile pipeline in one place not merely guarantees fair minimum wages for several workers, it also allows the company to function more proficiently along with optimum efficiency.

A company with a politically correct mission can be aware of ecology. American Apparel's "Sustainable Edition", is produced relating to eco-friendly requirements. Issue when it comes to benefit of culture is further expressed inside declaration by the business: "We at United states Apparel believe that 99 % of the cotton utilized for the make of clothing is addressed with substance improvements and/or by-products, which may possess after bad consequences: upsurge in the incidence of cancer tumors, contamination regarding the normal water, poisoning of primitive individuals and destruction of natural stability when it comes to conservation of our eco-system."

Implicit in this declaration is that anybody purchasing garments on Düsseldorf branch of US attire has exercised their personal conscience, and at once has demonstrated concern the environment. In addition, the customer acquires a garment of quality made from completely combed, US cotton that feels good regarding the skin. Independent of the classic T's and sweats, there are numerous other tops in different designs, including brief and longer skirts; and more for "Classic Girls", men, kiddies, babies and people just who love to outfit "Standard US". All products come in a multitude of various vibrant colors or in basic grayscale — but constantly in solid colors.

That's why they lend by themselves very well for imprinting. In addition, screen printers get a 20 percent rebate. So, you will want to go to American Apparel only at that address?
Düsseldorf-MedienHafen, Hammerstrasse 19, mobile 38 54 09 40.
Shop hours: Monday to Saturday 11AM to 8PM.

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