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Swedes Slam Company For 'Sexist,' 'Degrading' Unisex Clothing [PHOTOS]

Using half-naked females to sell “unisex” United states Apparel shirts has actually sparked a sexism debate in Sweden, which in the end led to the American clothing organization become reported to nation's marketing and advertising watchdog, The Local reported on Wednesday.

"i believe it is completely sickening how American Apparel markets its garments, " Swedish blogger Emelie Eriksson informed the Swedish development website. "It reveals obtained an extremely degrading view toward females and I also'm surprised they are able to perform this without facing any strong critique."

The 24-year-old took to her weblog on Tuesday, "En blommig tekopp" (a flowery teacup), to vent about the organization’s “sexist” ad. "Unisex. UNI and SEX. What is it really about?" she asked the girl readers, and published images from American Apparel’s site.

Men are shown wearing the top buttoned up-and in an unassuming pose, while women were shown using top open, absolutely nothing underneath and positioned in a provocative method. "There are hardly any guys on the internet site without any clothing on when compared to wide range of nearly nude females on the site. The lady may also be often during sex and appearance like they will have simply had intercourse, ” the blogger typed.

Relating to just what Erikkson informed the neighborhood, she feels American Apparel features a “twisted and degrading view of women. They want to be observed and understand intercourse sells, nonetheless they don't think regarding how degrading these pictures tend to be for ladies."

While Swedish Advertising Ombudsman verified to a Swedish magazine that they had obtained complaints concerning the photos, there isn’t something they are able to do considering that the site isn’t in Swedish and it doesn’t have actually a se. domain.

“As an organization, American Apparel is very responsive to gender and sexual problems, in the same way we've been to issues like immigration and gay relationship. In cases like this, the item design image with this unisex product is completely clothed for women, just as its for males. Regrettably, some bloggers have actually perplexed an artistic photo shoot which come with the pages with something chance and a controversy erupted thus.

“American Apparel established fact for the provocative imagery, artistic photographs and its own stance on no-cost expression within the fashion industry. Our style deliberately eschews the photoshopped and impossibly unreal looks of several of your competitors. We don't think there was everything within these photographs out-of synch with this requirements and now we think they portray the clothes and models in an attractive method and not even the slightest little bit discriminatory. Clearly we would never look for to upset anybody and we also're sorry to anybody who is upset.”

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