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What is Organic Cotton?


Like organic foods 20­ years back, the notion of organic cotton is confusing to many folks. It’s taken just a little longer to get on due to the fact correlation isn’t as direct­. We don’t consume cotton dietary fiber (about develop you don’t!) However, more and more people are becoming knowledgeable as to how the organic cotton fiber activity is just as effective and important as compared to natural meals.

And also being very extensively grown plants in the field, developing main-stream cotton fiber is also the most chemical-­intensive. These chemical substances have actually great affect the earth’s environment, liquid, earth, in addition to wellness of people in cotton-growing places. These are typically among the most toxic chemicals as categorized by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The thing is a whole lot worse in establishing nations with uninformed consumers, and decreased steady institutions and property liberties. In addition to destroying the land, countless farmers die from exposure to these chemicals on a yearly basis.

So, we’ve chose to put together a little information to aid spread your message. Check out our questions and answers below.


Organic cotton fiber is cultivated using practices and products having a reduced affect the environment. Natural production systems replenish and maintain earth virility, lessen the utilization of poisonous and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, and build biologically diverse farming. Third­-party official certification organizations confirm that natural producers just use methods and materials permitted in natural production. Organic cotton fiber is grown without the usage of harmful and persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Furthermore, national regulations prohibit using genetically engineered seed for organic agriculture. All cotton offered as organic in the usa must satisfy strict national laws addressing how the cotton fiber is cultivated.

Based On The 2011 Textile Exchange Organic Cotton Farm & Fiber Report, about 151, 079 metric tons (MT) of natural cotton fiber (693, 900 bales) were grown on 324, 577 hectares (802, 047 acres) in 2010­-2011. Natural cotton now equals 0.7 per cent of international cotton fiber production.

Organic cotton fiber was cultivated in 20 nations globally in 2010­-11, led by India, and including (if you wish of ranking): Syria, China, chicken, united states of america, Tanzania, Egypt, Mali, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, Pakistan, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Benin, Paraguay, Israel, Tajikistan, Brazil, Nicaragua, and Senegal. About 219, 000 farmers grew the fibre.

Relating to a study by Textile Exchange 2010 Global marketplace Report on Sustainable Textiles, worldwide sales of organic cotton apparel and residence textile services and products reached approximately $5.16 billion this season. This reflects a 20 percent boost from 2009 market. Businesses reported significant development in their particular natural cotton fiber programs, and enhanced use of requirements. Approximately 219, 000 farmers expanded the fibre.

U.S. organic cotton fiber production will continue to increase, encouraged by customer and business demand, cost premiums, and regulatory changes that facilitate obvious labeling for natural cotton products. In accordance with an OTA study of U.S. natural cotton fiber production undertaken with funding from Cotton Incorporated, the amount of miles planted with organic cotton in the U.S. increased 36 per cent from 2009­-2010, while bales harvested had been up nearly 24 %. U.S. producers harvested 11, 262 acres of natural cotton fiber this year, representing 95 percent of planted miles, and yielding 13, 279 bales.

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