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I was searching for a fresh hoodie, ideally exactly like the one I happened to be retiring from my clothes. Happy for me personally i discovered one, precise match, on Overstock! It isn't inexpensive, ****, however with the 10percent coupon I had I decided to "pull the trigger" and obtain it. I don't be sorry one bit! We live in Southern Florida, therefore cold days are few and far between, but i acquired my brand-new hoodie just in time the first cool front side that passed through. Coincidentally, we're having our 2nd cool front at this time! It is so fluffy smooth inside, it is simply perfect. I prefer my hoodies extra big therefore I can feel swaddled with it. I recently love this hoodie! They last a long time too, my last one lasted almost 3 years! It's an investment well worth making. I wear my hoodie around mostly, since air-conditioning tends to make me cold every where I go.If you're in the market, I say go for it. No regrets.

American Apparel Mens American Apparel Unisex Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie, Truffle, Medium
Apparel (American Apparel Mens)
  • Hooded with white finished polyester draw cord
  • Kangaroo pocket, metal zipper
  • Medium is approximately 23 3/4 60.32 cm in total length
  • Flex fleece 50 percent polyester, 50 percent cotton fleece construction
  • Machine wash cold for minimal shrinkage

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