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The thing that makes us special amongst several thousand companies in a $30 billion business? We have been the only real brand name trying to positively influence ALL areas of business.

Underwear is one of under-donated item - therefore we donate it.

Our prices are not low priced, but our intimates tend to be eternal and high-quality - for that reason lowering waste. In reality, they're created from bamboo - the fastest developing plant in the field.

Our rivals moved their production abroad where unjust labor is practically constantly a danger - therefore we're bringing jobs back into Us citizens and ensuring fair labor below.

MADI Apparel is a women’s undergarment brand name using the commitment to Make a positive change domestically and globally. MADI is started upon the maxims of United states manufacturing, self-sustaining fabrics/packaging and socially mindful global effect through underwear contributions. We believe in our society's women - we make an effort to impact the lives of these females, one undie at any given time.

Team MADI donating undies to partnered organization Marjaree Mason Center in Fresno, CA. Photo: Michael Lopez

Underwear is one of NEEDED and UNDER-DONATED item of clothes in the usa.

Undies is a woman's most intimate article of clothing. Numerous companies credit underwear as a helping factor in helping a woman feel confident and comfortable during times of distress and healing.

Preceding: Undies drop-off in Fond-Parisian Haiti. In Haiti, we trekked by foot donating underwear to ladies in delivery clinics, remote villages, ladies studying their menstrual cycle, etc.

Domestic physical violence Shelters - daily, several thousand women flee from domestic violence to a shelter, frequently with simply the clothes to their straight back. Many shelters consistently obtain garments and household goods donations but underwear is really what they need many. New, clean underwear tops the Urgent desires directory of nearly every refuge.

Tragedy Relief - whenever hurricanes and tornados hit (making a large number of People in america homeless), ladies require undies. After Hurricane Sandy, Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro asked especially for brand new undies contributions.

Hospital Rape Crisis Centers - After traumatic sexual assault, sufferers undergo an unpleasant means of a forensic-medical exam to gather evidence. In most cases, these women are expected to surrender their clothes as an element of evidence, and advocates offer clothes to those ladies to wear at home. It is very important because of their healing up process to possess brand-new, clean undies.

Our brand originated around these core values: Heart, Confidence, Comfort and Wearability. Our styles had been created with convenience at heart. Underwear is a woman’s most private garment - we know what we’re drawn to and feel most comfortable in. So, we stuck to your preferred basic designs and spiced them with a brilliant soft organic material and floral laces!

We take pleasure into the undeniable fact that MADI undies are not your typical "disposable" undies that wear, rip and dispose of with no regret. MADIs will probably be your preferred couple of undies that you'll need put on every single day of the week just because these are typically unlike any other undies.

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