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A wool press cloth keeps the textile from becoming shiny.Sloan Howard

A wool press cloth keeps the textile from becoming shiny.

Created using fine silk filament yarns, silk organza is a clear, plain-weave textile.

Only one press cloth is certainly not sufficient.

Photo: Sloan Howard

by Jacque Goldsmith excerpted from "Make a Press-Cloth Wardrobe, " Threads #154, p. 44

Just as no ensemble fits every celebration, one press fabric is not right for all of your sewing endeavors. The correct fabric safeguards your fabric and improves pressing techniques.

I use a hit fabric everytime the iron variations the fabric’s right-side. I'dn’t venture out within the hot sunlight without sunscreen, and I also wouldn’t put a hot iron on fabric’s face without a press fabric.

Right here, I’ll tell you tips match the perfect fabric into pressing available; my collection includes muslin, silk organza, cotton shirting, worsted wool, cotton fabric, and flannel. I’ll also share my way of planning durable hit cloths that are easy to hold useful and nice.

Eventually, i understand the right press cloth refines results, but In addition understand everyone has faced disaster during the ironing board. I’m planning to share how I’ve learned to save some common disasters. About the ironing board and greater results!

Worsted wool

A wool hit cloth is the greatest option whenever tailoring wool clothes. Worsted wools specifically tend to be spun from combed wool utilizing a higher angle. This will make the fibers level and powerful.

Wool is able to hold vast levels of liquid, even though it feels dry towards bare hand, rendering it perfect for delivering vapor for which you want it. A wool press cloth keeps the fabric from getting shiny. The extremely twisted worsted wool yarn’s power also withstands hefty usage.

Cotton canvas

Try to find hefty, firmly woven fabric or duck in a plain weave. (Don’t get a twill weave, once the diagonal structure may move to the fashion fabric). The thick cotton fiber fabric’s body weight and high heat threshold allow it to be a great protective layer for delicate fabrics.

Canvas cloth’s density triggers heat become evenly distributed through the fibers. The iron soleplate’s direct heat is diffused whilst penetrates the fabric. You'll put even more pressure on the iron plus time on the seam—resulting in level, smooth seams. Canvas hit cloths may a great choice for leather-based and textiles with a low melting point, including plastic, coated textiles, or any other synthetics.


Muslin for pressing is a relatively inexpensive, plain-weave, unbleached cotton fabric. Poly-blend muslins are available, but they are perhaps not befitting hit cloths.

Muslin has actually a high heat threshold and can be properly used for basic pressing, however the surface can emboss fragile fabrics. I take advantage of two muslin press cloths while applying fusible interfacing, because interfacing’s adhesive can ooze on during pressing, plus the muslin shields the pushing surface and iron. Spot one fabric in the pushing surface. Set down the fabric and interfacing, after which place the second muslin press cloth over the top. Spray the muslin with water, thereby applying stress aided by the heated metal through to the fabric is dried out.

Cotton shirting

Swiss or Italian cotton shirting is an example of this long-staple fiber, plain-weave textile. The long-staple fibers create a textile that's smoother, finer, and more powerful than other cotton materials.

I personally use this particular hit cloth when hefty steam is required to set the material. The cotton fiber absorbs the vapor explosion from the iron and can be misted or dampened to incorporate moisture to pressing. This fabric’s fine yarn, level weave, and high temperature tolerance deter alterations in the fashion fabric’s texture.

Cotton flannel

Brushed or hairy materials can get level or shiny whenever ironed. Produced from a medium-weight ordinary weave with a napped or brushed surface, a cotton flannel hit fabric protects these textiles.

I take advantage of a cotton flannel hit fabric with wool flannel, camel hair, bouclé, or pinwale corduroy. Make use of the iron with light force or hover and steam within the flannel and finger-press seams in position.

Silk organza

Fashioned with good silk filament yarns, silk organza is a clear, plain-weave fabric.

I personally use it for basic pressing since it has actually a high melting point and will be used at any metal heat. The textile is absolute, to see-through it to position the metal wherever you need it. Organza’s fine texture eliminates weave texture transfer to the manner textile.

To get more great press cloth guidelines and techniques, understand complete article when you look at the APRIL/MAY issue of Threads, concern

just one single press fabric isn't sufficient.
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