Cotton towels made in USA

Soft and absorbent quality cotton bath towels

Calcot Growers has two products. Both outlines are made from the greatest high quality American-grown cotton fiber.

Grower's range Line is manufactured out of hand selected, 100percent U.S. cultivated cotton fiber, and it has been woven into towels using zero-twist technology. Made out of 100% Supima Cotton Loops, these zero-twist towels permit the cotton fiber fiber to remain hollow, making the towels softer, much more absorbent and much more durable. Grower's Collection will come in seventeen fashion designer colors and maintains the best high quality guarantee standards.

All-american Cotton Line Without impeding high quality, this towel range is made for more price-sensitive customer. Made with 100per cent Supima Cotton Loops, this line is soft, durable, absorbent and fast drying out. These towels are manufactured with 100per cent U.S. grown, hand selected cotton fiber. Only using Calcot's best cotton fiber, all of this American Cotton Line comprises of towels that exist in nine manner forward fashion designer colors. Our All-american Line in addition maintains the best high quality guarantee standards.

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