Cotton Duck Canvas

Cotton duck

Cotton fiber duck (from Dutch: doek, "linen canvas"), additionally just duck, occasionally duck cloth or duck canvas, is huge, basic woven cotton fabric. Duck canvas is different from basic fabric for the reason that the threads into the former tend to be more securely woven. There is also linen duck, which is less often utilized.

Cotton duck is used in an array of applications, from shoes to artwork canvases to tents to sandbags.

Duck textile is woven with two yarns collectively inside warp and a single yarn in the weft.


Duck is classified based on fat in a numerical system, with grade 1 the heaviest and grade 12 the lightest variety. Besides this, old-fashioned names exist, which are seldom used these days.

The classification system used today goes back on 1920s. A numbered duck classification system ended up being put in effect by the Cotton Duck Association and the Department of Commerce when discrepancies came about with different specs and characteristics of product. In a technical paper entitled, "Development of the conventional Numbered Cotton Duck Specification", the division of Commerce's Bureau of guidelines established a set of specifications acceptable to maker and customer.

In accordance with the division of Commerce, "The number of the duck is based on here calculation: range Duck = 19 - (fat per linear lawn 22 ins large in ounces)."

A numbering system can be used to spell it out the many weights of duck fabric, in line with the body weight of a 36×22-inch piece. Weights below 19 ounces are known as numbered duck. Those preceding 19 ounces are known as naught duck. The grade of numbered duck refers to the wide range of ounces subtracted from 19 for a 36×22-inch little bit of fabric. As an example, some #8 numbered duck with proportions of 36"×22" weighs 11 ounces (19 − 8 = 11).

Quantity Duck Classifications per Linear Backyard 22" Wide

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