Cotton production in USA

Regions of U.S. Cotton Production

Upland cotton fiber is grown in four significant geographical areas of the U.S.: the Southeast, Mid-South, Southwest and western, collectively labeled as the Cotton Belt.

The Southeastern growing location includes the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. This region’s manufacturing averages about 32 % associated with complete Upland manufacturing. Sowing is from early April to early Summer.

The typical basic size is 35.6 thirty-seconds of an inch. Harvest generally runs from belated September to early December.

About 24 percent associated with the total Upland crop is grown inside Mid-South, which spans the says of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee. Planting begins in mid-April and continues through early Summer. The average staple length is 35.8 thirty- moments of an inch. Harvest happens from early September to early December.

The Southwest area is comprised of Kansas, Oklahoma and Tx. This area accounts for about 37 per cent associated with the Upland crop. The average basic length is 35.3 thirty-seconds of an inch. Sowing in south Texas begins in belated February with harvesting running from late July until mid-September. Into the rest of the region, planting starts in mid-April and harvest last from mid-October through December.

The states of Arizona, Ca and brand new Mexico include the West area, which is the reason about 7 per cent of complete Upland manufacturing. The common staple length is 36.8 thirty-seconds of an inch. Sowing begins in early April and is often completed by early Summer. Harvest operates from late September through early December.

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