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Emma Henning was born in Athens Greece, and moved to the United States on age of 14. She attended Trinity twelfth grade and in the long run of living in Greece, she went to and graduated from the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago. Although preparing is one of her passions, she chose to go after the woman true passion for manner, after becoming a mother to somewhat woman. In August of 2013, she began her very own company, a clothing line intended for women’ ages newborn to youthful person, labeled as FUN Girl clothes. FGC is a collection of unique sleepwear and energetic use that promotes good messages and quotations for contemporary girls. In today’s culture where in fact the attire industry encourages age unacceptable clothes for girls, Emma hopes to make a difference with advertising values and ambition. Her clothes is manufactured in america. She currently lives in typical, Illinois with her husband, the woman child and two action daughters.

Just what introduced you into this line of business?

My daughter. I wanted to create a distinct clothing that promoted a positive message to young girls without the sexualization of today’s garments for young kids. She and my two step daughters are my muses. These are typically my 3 performers. Which is the explanation I known as my business Asteria LLC and there is a 3 following the FUN Girl on the internet site domain (

Do you have any role designs?

During my childhood it was Donna Karan. Im therefore impressed with her garments along with her as a lady business owner. As a grown lady, I admire Lisa Vanderpump on her expert empire.

Something your chosen Greek stating?

fungirllogoSti zoi, olla eine danika.

How exactly does your Hellenic background/roots influence your outlook, your projects, your self?

Developing up in Greece everybody is relaxed as well as place household and private pleasure before expert success. My family always comes first. We make sure my girl and spouse have my attention and devotion, and I handle my organization by itself time. I am in addition dramatic of course. The Greek crisis has to go. I usually make something appear so much bigger than exactly what it is.

Maybe you have had any obstacles as a lady so when a Greek girl at that?

Describe perhaps not however. My children and pals see me personally as a passionate mother and spouse. They have been extremely supportive thus far.

Have you needed to overcome any “cultural baggage” involving the separate dynamic schema of entrepreneur therefore the “good Greek girl which gets hitched and sacrifices the woman whole self to the woman family? Perhaps not however. I might in the future.

How will you reconcile the requirements of your business, yourself, and your family/husband/children/community?

It’s all about time management. We wake-up early and return email messages for one hour. We make breakfast for my child after that take her on a play-date. I-come straight back give the woman meal, place her straight down for a nap after which I have back using the pc for 3 hours. I make dinner, supply the girl, bathe her, then I invest an hour using the pc, and also by 9pm I spend some time with my husband. It’s a lot to shoulder, but providing i've a collection routine and set boundaries, it is simple. And Sunday, is church day! I really believe the Greek community is beginning to observe that times have changed which is feasible to stabilize house, household and profession. My family has actually property cooked meal every evening, the washing gets done every Monday, and I also nevertheless iron our clothes.

Something your eyesight behind your distinct clothing?

Within my market research I found that there's a giant vacancy looking for children’s clothes that promotes good emails. I see countless “i'm a princess”, “i'm a diva”, “i enjoy flirt”. Whichever happened to values? No matter what took place to advertising becoming modest and modest? This is exactly why we created this clothing line. I would like to make an alteration. I want women to put on clothing that state, live to dream constantly, live to inspire, live to be sort, reside to love, live to imagine, live to make serenity, stay to unite.

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