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American Apparel Thinks Sexy Gets Better With Age, Casts 62 Y/O Lingerie Model

jackie-oshaughnessy-american-apparelOnly when you had been fed up with all of the hipster photos of young men and ladies in the United States Apparel campaigns, and all the stunts they puled including using a porn star to market their particular clothing and utilizing pubic locks on mannequins inside their shops, they performed this…

The clothing label recently cast a 62 year old model with their latest underwear campaign, demonstrating sexiness just isn't defined by a number or a specific age group. The woman name's Jackie O’Shaughnessy, she actually is an actress and a model, which is not the very first time she's got worked for American Apparel. In 2012 she modeled due to their ‘Advanced Concepts’ collection.

jackie-oshaughnessy-american-apparelThey published this image of Jackie on the Facebook and Instagram (which practically made the internet explode with likes and shares) with this particular status: “Sexy doesn't have expiration day. Jackie in Floral Lace Lingerie.”

Indeed! One other cool benefit of Jackie’s brand new underwear shoot is that she's not extremely photoshopped nor is she putting on a tonne of compensate. That is pretty common with the models featured in American Apparel shoot, so it's great to see all of them eventually acknowledge beauty after all centuries.

jackie-oshaughnessy-american-apparelAlthough we may possibly not be followers of everything they do, we could definitely value which they learn how to develop countless noise and a large statement. For all of us as a feminist website and only marketing good communications for women, this promotion shows all females that beauty shouldn’t be determined because of the manner industry, alternatively the fantastic variety of women in the world ought to be dictating what labels, developers and advertisers function within their promotions.

It is not the very first time a major label features cast an older lady inside their range. UK store TK Maxx cast 85 year old design Daphne self, reportedly the world’s oldest working design, in a campaign in August 2013. And more recently, The Olsen Twins decided to use an older model because of their most recent start around their particular label ‘The Row’.jackie-oshaughnessy-american-apparel the woman name's Linda Rodin, she is 65 and is particularly the creator of Rodin facial cosmetics range.

One day these kind of stories won’t be huge anomalies into the style globe because, surprise horror, older women wear clothing and like to be fashionable too. But in the meantime our company is happy to support and report on the brands that are pressing the boundaries and generally are an element of the improvement in styles toward female models.

Vogue Italia whom showcased this story on the web site in addition, asked the question “Could this be a unique step to the ultimate demolition of this extremely younger, slim, white design cliché?”

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