Cotton on Clothing USA

Something very strange is happening in Cotton On stores right now.

You dudes, some thing extremely bloody unusual happened today.

As it happens cotton fiber On (a true blue Aussie brand) is giving support to the ENEMY.

Well, variety of. You notice, I became wandering around aimlessly before work and stumbled into Cotton On’s Melbourne Central shop.

Cheap jumpers! I delighted. And crop tops that would be repelled by the cheese toastie I ate 20 moments ago! And charity tote bags! It’s all such inexpensive, Aussie fun!

I Recently love Cotton On so freaking mu….

Excuuuuuuuuse me?


Yep. An Australian brand name - in an Australian store - in the OLYMPICS - has a collection aimed at the AMERICAN TEAM.

'Stay peaceful!' I told myself. 'the nice ol' green and gold is most likely displayed about this si...

Okay. More American things. A number of which also checks out "busy successful silver".

At this point, my patriotic heart was beating too fast, and I started initially to see small black dots everywhere.

We spun all over mammoth display, hungry the warm embrace of my local tints. Okay, so there's a shirt focused on the Rio Olympics. And another about Brazil. Aaaaaaand then a bajillion more things in honour of Team American.


We demonstrably appeared to be a lady just who'd just had a Chinese throwing star hurtled at the woman stomach, because a bouncy retail assistant rushed up to ask easily was ok.

ME: Hello. I am ok thanks! I'm only wondering where in actuality the Australian Olympic material is?

RETAIL ASSISTANT: Oh! We don't have any Australian stuff. We do have PLENTY of Team American and a few Rio shirts, however!

ME: Oh ok, thank-you. But i'm confused, actually Cotton On an Australian brand?

RETAIL ASSISTANT: Yeah, we are! I guess this is certainly slightly weird after that, isn't it? Ha-ha ha-ha ha ha. Well, let me know if you need anything!

Yep, not A SINGLE THING was for the green 'n' gold champs.

The chipper employee bounced away, and I ended up being left to look at numerous caps, shirts, trackies, backpacks and embroidered denim jackets that Cotton On is stocking when it comes to USA.

While I do not hate the US (or Us citizens) in the slightest, stocking a different country's souvenirs currently is slightly odd.In frustration for responses, I reached out to the company. Their spokesperson explained:

The merchandise that you’ll have experienced at our Melbourne Central store these days is certainly not the main Cotton On Group’s Olympic Heritage range but Cotton On’s June/July range which features services and products inspired by the United States’ Fourth of July Holiday, alongside our certified Mickey Mouse collection.

Fair adequate, but that does not precisely explain the "USA TEAM" and "busy winning gold" products...

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