Game Zuma Frog Deluxe

How to play: There is a field with moving colorful balls in front of you. Using the mouse, rotate the frog in the center. To make a ball shot, press the left mouse button. Your goal in the Zuma game is to knock out all the balls, preventing them from getting to the end of the tunnel. For each knocked ball you get points, which are reflected in the upper right corner of the game panel of the frog Deluxe. The on / off icon is located there.

Do you like to travel to unusual places? There are still so many unsolved mysteries, mysterious, abandoned cities, uncharted caves, etc. Perhaps one of the most mysterious countries for us can be considered India. In the east of this country is a huge city - Calcutta. 14 million people live there. Despite the fact that this is a major financial center of India, Calcutta still has ancient and mysterious corners that attract adventurers from all over the world Zuma Deluxe free online .

One such inquisitive young man named Oliver from Great Britain once went to Calcutta in search of an unusual cave called Lakshmi. There is a legend that in this cave the Indian goddess named Lakshmi was born, and that there are countless treasures there.

Oliver asked the locals a long time about the location of the cave and finally arrived at the place. The cave was far from noisy, saturated with aromas of spices, streets. Not a soul was around. As soon as Oliver entered, the stone door closed and he was in the round hall. In the center of the room is a statue of a frog with an open mouth, and around it a long chute, snaking in a skull, snaked around like a snake. Suddenly along the chute, with a terrible crash, multi-colored balls rolled. On the wall, the traveler saw a sign on which in several languages it was written that if the balls reached the end of the gutter, the doors of the cave would close forever. Next to the plate was a lever, with the help of which the statue of the frog rotated around its axis. Now everything depends on the quickness and skill of Oliver. Can he destroy all the balls by shooting from the statue with the same color balls? Or stay forever in a dark grotto? You have to learn in the game Zuma frog Deluxe. Mahjong flash game

Ancient magic, enclosed in the temple of the Maya, is about to get out into the world of people and do many evil deeds. If you stop the forces of darkness, you will become a real hero! In the ancient Maya temple there is a keeper of magic - a frog. With its help, and you need to fight evil - proceed!

Magic embodied in the multi-colored treasures of the Maya. They roll to the treasure portal leading to the human world. If at least one element is in the aisle, then the entire mission will fail. Protect the portal! The frog can throw the nuclei of the same color as the magic balls. Add yellow cores to the yellow elements, blue ones to the blue ones and at the same time consider the number - there should be at least three balls so that they all disappear from the Zuma Deluxe game board.

Before the test, the frog moves along the route along which the roundels will pass. At the beginning they roll away, as you move, if you are idle, approach the keeper and you have less space to shoot. If the core, which is in the frog's mouth, is of an unsuitable color, you can throw it into the empty space, but note that points are written off for every ball that is not applied. Try to find a place for each element.

The game Zuma Deluxe has a lot of bonuses. They appear directly on the balls in the form of luminous signs. To activate the prize, you must knock down the marked item and you need to do it in a timely manner - bonuses are short-lived and quickly go out. The arrow pointing in the opposite direction from the movement of the balls slows down and reverses the chain. If you shoot the balls with the arrow in the direction of the frog, it will speed up the run of the snake. Ray - a bonus that helps to carefully aim and hit without a miss. In addition to these prizes in the game Zoom Deluxe has a mini-explosion and stop the snake from the balls. Pass level after level, improve your accuracy and speed of reaction, stop ancient magic to prevent a cataclysm!

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