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Anybody that accasion to possess any Linnen Cloth converted to Buckram, or even get buckram ready-made, or Callendring any Silk, Watering, Dyeing or Scouring; they may apply on their own to Samuel Hall, lately from London, and Thomas Webber close to the New North Brick meeting-house, or at their Work-House near the Bowling Green, Boston.


from Beekman Mercantile Paper 1746 - 1799

eighteenth Century Trade Terms


a LA MODE: thin, lightweight, shiny silk utilized for scarves and hoods
ALEPINE: (alapine, alpine) French word for Bombazine, dress product first-made entirely of silk but later of silk and cotton fiber.
BAISE: coarse woolen used especially for work clothes.
BALLINDINE: a white Turkish silk
BANDANNA: richly colored silk handkerchief with spots left white or yellowish; also a cotton fiber of comparable design.
BARCELONA HANDKERCHIEF: one made of soft twilled silk
BARLEYCORN STUFF: gown fabric characterized by little places (1/3")
BASKET CLOTH: woolen characterized by small squares produced by the weave.
BAPTISTE: fine white-linen of French or Flemish manufacture, much employed for neckwear.
BEAVER FABRIC: heavily napped textile in imitation of beaver fur used for coats and scarves.
BENGAL: light thin cloth made of silk and hair.
BIRD'S-EYE STUFF: cotton or linen marked or spotted as if with bird's-eyes.
BLANKET: any dense, heavy wool, cotton fiber or combination wool and cotton fiber, with a short nap on both edges; frequently a white or undyed woolen material utilized for clothes.
BLONE LACE: (blonde) a white silk pillow lace.
BOMBAZINE: dress material entirely of silk, later on of silk and cotton
BROAD CLOTH: smooth lustrous woolen with nap sheared close and pressed; in addition an excellent, smooth-surfaced cotton or silk.
BRUNSWICKS: twilled fabric made in Germany
BUCKRAM: coarse linen stiffened with gum or paste and used for linings.
BUNT: open-made worsted or cotton fiber for flags.
CALENDAR: machine and rollers to press fabric to smooth or glaze or even provide a wavy look.
CALICO: cotton brought in from Calicut, India, typically brought in in natural color.
CALLAMANCO: ordinary or patterned woolen of Flemish or English manufacture, occasionally part silk or goat tresses.
CAMBRIC: good, thin white linen manufactured in Cambrai, Flanders; in addition a replica produced from closely woven cotton.
CAMLET, CAMBLET: initially a pricey fabric made of camel hair or angora wool; in addition numerous similar fabric created from silk, wool, or combinations of fibres; camlets were described as silky texture and were often watered.
CASHMERE: the fine wool discovered beneath the tresses of goats of Kashir and Tibet; a smooth twill material or shawl produced from this.
CASSIMERE: method weight woolen of smooth texture utilized specifically for guys's clothes.
CHELLOES: an Indian textile
CHEVIOT: woolen called for Scottish sheep - cloth has a hairy nap.
CHEVRETTE: thin goatskin utilized for gloves.
CHINTS: painted or stained calicoes from India, later on a cotton fabric fast imprinted with styles in a number of colors, sometimes glazed
CHIP CAPS: those created from timber or woody fibres divided into thin pieces.
TIME CLOCK: decorative structure in silk thread done the medial side of a stocking or other apparel.
DUCK: strong, untwilled linen or cotton fiber, lighter and finer than canvas. Russian duck is coarse, hefty and unbleached but gentler than English duck.
DUFFELS: coarse woolen with dense nap or frieze.
DURANT: thick, greatly felted woolen built to copy buff leather-based also known as Everlasting.
FELT: material of wool or wool and fur or tresses, made by beating and moving the fibers under damp heat; used not just in hats however, if specially hefty, in carpets.
FERRET: powerful tape of cotton or silk.
FLANNEL: loosely woven, lightweight woolen with minor nap.
FLORINTINE: harsh material produced from wild instead of cultivated silk, for curtains and parasols.
FRIEZE: coarse woolen with nap often on a single part just; cloth with looped stack.
FUSTIANS: coarse fabric of cotton fiber and flax, thick twilled cotton fiber with quick nap.
GAUZE: slim transparent materials of silk, linen or cotton.
GIMP: In lace-making gimp is a coarse thread which forms the overview of this design; in curtains or furniture trimming gimp is a slim musical organization often of silk or worsted with a cable running right through it.
GROSGRAIN: (program) a coarse material of silk, of mohair and wool, or of these mixed with silk and sometimes stiffened with gum; a particularly dense taffeta.
HOLLAND: a closely woven white-linen used especially for tops and bed linens.
HUCKABUCK: a stout linen textile with the weft threads tossed up to develop a harsh area; made use of specifically for towels.
HUM-HUM: a coarse cotton fiber of Indian origin utilized for lining coats.
JEAN: a stout twilled cotton cloth.
KENTING: a kind of good linen named for the host to make, the County of Kent.
KERSEY (karsey): some sort of coarse woolen fabric made mainly in Kent and Devonshire.
LAWN: a type of good, slim linen of available texture.
LEVERET: the fur of a new rabbit.
LINSEY: probably brief for linsey-woolsey; a coarse fabric made from linen and wool.
LORETTOS: a silk material employed for waistcoats
LUNGI (lungee): a material of Indian origin made with richly colored silk and cotton fiber.
LUSTRING (lutestring): a soft silk that will be either ordinary or flowered.
MOHAIR: yarn made of hair associated with Angorra goat; a fine camlet produced from that yarn; imitations of the yarn or cloth.
MOREEN: a very good woolen or woolen and cotton fiber material, often watered, utilized for curtains as well as in upholstery.
MUFFETEE: a muffler worn around the neck or a worsted cuff used in the wrist.
MUSLIN: an over-all title for the many delicately woven cotton fiber materials, specially those useful for women clothes, curtains, etc.
NANKEEN: a durable brownish-yellow fabric manufactured in Nanking; imitations of this cloth.
OSNABURG (osnabrig): a coarse heavy linen made originally in Osnaburg, Germany, and used most frequently for sacking and bagging.
PADUASOY (paduasways, padersoy): a strong, corded or gros-grain silk worn by both sexes; made originally in Padua.
PATNA: an Indian chintz produced on town of Patua
PEELING (pealong): a thin skin of textile used as gown product.
PEN CALICO: that to which dye was applied with a music artists pen (a brush made for good, fine work).
PENISTONE (pennystone): a coarse woolen known as for a town in Yorkshire, useful for garments, linings.
PERSIAN: a thin soft silk utilized frequently for linings
PILLOWS (pilloes): a type of coarse fustian.
POPLIN: a ribbed gown fabric manufactured from wool, silk and wool, cotton fiber and wool, or any other combinations; it is distinguished by fine warp yarns which cover entirely the coarser yarns of this woof which form the ribs; the highly regarded Irish poplin had been manufactured from silk and wool.
PRINCES: a corded linen cloth.
PRUNELLA (prunellos): a solid fabric made of silk but later on of worsted and utilized for guys's gowns or later on for the top portions of females's footwear.
RATTEEN: a dense twilled woolen frequently friezed or with a curled nap, but occasionally dressed just like frieze.

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