100 cotton Terry Cloth Robe

Egyptian Cotton Terry Cloth Robe

Our cotton Terry Cloth Bath Robe is crafted from smooth, durable 100per cent cotton. This robe features a terry gear, two forward spot pockets, and fold right back design sleeve. It is available in an array of colors and standard sizes. Our bath robe is heavy and cozy; perfect for maintaining comfortable on cool winter nights. Experience the deluxe of a spa in your own home.

Egyptian Cotton:

Exactly why is Egyptian cotton so much much better for the robes? Quite simply, cotton produces longer materials (up to two times as lengthy as a regular cotton fiber). The longer fibers (also known as basics) are often spun into finer count yarns, which may be woven into the softest robes you will ever wear. Longer fibers also add make the robe more durable to put on.

  • Little Robe: 50" Height - 51" Width - 72" Belt
  • Moderate Robe: 52" Height - 53" Width - 73" Belt
  • Huge Robe: 54" Height - 55" Width - 74" Belt
  • Immense Robe: 55" Level - 63" Circumference - 83" Gear

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