Clothes made of Bamboo

Whatever happened to: bamboo clothing?

TreeHugger is ten years old this August. We're taking a look back at a number of the modifications that have happened inside green activity within the ten years.

All pages and posts of Treehugger was previously filled with bamboo tees, bamboo clothes, bamboo sheets. It absolutely was promoted as ecological because bamboo develops quickly without pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. It sucks up plenty of CO2; One web site noted that "Bamboo plantations are huge factories for photosynthesis which lowers carbon dioxide. Bamboo flowers absorb about 5 times the total amount of co2 (a primary greenhouse gasoline) and produces about 35% more air than an equivalent stand of trees."

The clothing was soft, very easy to cleanse, cool and breathable. Exactly what could be greener?

It isn't bamboo, it is viscose rayon

Indeed, there was clearlyn't much that has been green about bamboo material after all; its just viscose rayon, a dietary fiber usually created from lumber pulp making use of excessively harmful carbon disulphide to-break it on to cellulose materials. Replace bamboo for timber pulp and you have the same end result: rayon. By 2007 TreeHugger Warren was increasing questions about it, composing:

The developing of bamboo is environmentally friendly nevertheless the production of bamboo into textile increases environmental and health issues due to the strong chemical solvents used to prepare the bamboo plant into a viscose option that is then reconstructed into cellulose fibre for weaving into yarn for material.

Rayon is a man-made fibre created from the cellulose found in plants and woods and prepared with a harsh substance that releases hazardous atmosphere pollutants. Any plant or tree might be utilized due to the fact cellulose source—including bamboo—but the fiber this is certainly created is rayon.

Nevertheless only a few rayon is done equal; Lyocell, or Tencel, is manufactured in a closed-loop process using less harmful chemicals. Like standard viscose, it could be produced from any form of cellulose including bamboo. Lululemon found myself in some difficulty for adding seaweed in to the combine; needless to say, when their particular clothes was analyzed because of the nyc Times, they mightn't get a hold of any seaweed in it because it is all-turned in to the ditto: Rayon. It could be quite challenging determinewhat was at the last item because it is all cooked down to cellulose.

Once the material had to be called "rayon made from bamboo" it don't appear quite so normal and green any longer and more or less disappeared. If you see bamboo garments, it might be spun right from the fibre and called bamboo linen; usually, if you don't begin to see the Lyocell or Tencel label, give it a pass.

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