Bamboo Fabric Clothing

Bamboo vs Cotton

As our society gets greener, bamboo has become more and more popular. Since it grows so quickly, bamboo is an easily green resource. It entails 1/3 the amount of water to cultivate that cotton fiber uses and contains no normal bugs. This means bamboo is cultivated with little to no use of pesticides or herbicides whereas cotton usually requires a great deal of pesticides to maintain development. Bamboo plantations can quite easily be kept organic and replanted on a yearly basis. Although natural cotton fiber is readily available, there are still numerous pluses to using bamboo.

Bamboo textile is very soft, frequently referred to as experience like cashmere. The reason being the bamboo fiber itself is obviously round and smooth without any chemical treatment. Which means that there aren't any razor-sharp spurs to aggravate the skin. This means bamboo is worn directly next to epidermis, despite having many individuals who're allergic to many other natural fibers particularly hemp or wool. Bamboo fibers are also very lengthy which means there clearly was less piling associated with the material than in the less expensive types of cotton fiber. The softness and quality of the material itself seems to resist multiple washings. Many even describe the material as getting even softer with each washing!

Another unique quality with bamboo fibre is-it’s anti-bacterial attributes. This excellent antibacterial quality is a result of an antimicrobial bio-agent known as “bamboo kun” which is found obviously within the dietary fiber. This kun tends to make bamboo a naturally antibacterial, antifungal and smell resistant fiber, through several washings. Cotton doesn't have any such thing like this. The bamboo kun helps you to decrease bacteria that thrive on garments and human epidermis. This means the wearer while the textile have actually less germs that creates unpleasant odors.

Bamboo comes with excellent wicking properties. The textile resembles the plant in this aspect. The bamboo plant is highly water absorbent. With the ability to ingest to 3 times it is body weight in liquid! The textile maintains this capability to a point, pulling the dampness from the skin such that it can evaporate. Bamboo material has also some insulating properties. Which means the fabric will help the wearer stay warmer when you look at the cold temperatures and cooler in the summertime.

From a designer’s viewpoint, bamboo can be an excellent textile choice. It is a light, powerful material that will require less dye than cotton fiber. The colour of bamboo fabric unlike cotton fiber normally referred to as more vivid. The textile may be used in a variety of ways from being woven to becoming knit. It drapes really smoothly and considering it’s greener properties, is a much desired alternative to cotton fiber from a buyer’s standpoint.

Worboo Men's Bamboo Crew Neck Undershirt(X-Large,White)
Apparel ()
  • ✓ Wearing Experience: you can feel he is softer than any cotton shirt, and he s heavier than cotton shirt, not because that he is thick, but because that the density...
  • ✓ Applied to: You can wear it to ride a mountain bike, to watch movies while drinking coffee, to travel outside, to rest at home, to work and so on.
  • ✓ Unique advantages: anti-bacterial, odor control, moisture breathable, soft and comfortable, blocking UV rays, uneasily balling-up and reduce static electricity.
  • ✓ Sales: WORBOO is only sold in Amazon, imported with original packaging, free shipping.
  • ✓ Better value: Compared with other similar kind of shirts, their price are high as much as 25$ per packet, we can save you money. You can also take them as gifts...
Women's ECO-FRIENDLY Bamboo Fiber Short-Sleeve Loose Fit Top (Small, Red)
Apparel ()
  • ✓ ECO-FRIENDLY Premium Bamboo Fiber T-Shirt
  • ✓ Loose fit silhouette with round neck and short sleeves
  • ✓ Super soft and comfortable
  • ✓ High absorbent of water/sweat
  • ✓ Hand wash cold
Women's ECO-FRIENDLY Bamboo Fiber V-Neck Swing Dress w/ Pockets (Small, Burgundy)
Apparel ()
  • ✓ ECO-FRIENDLY Premium Bamboo Fiber Knit Dress
  • ✓ Cute swing silhouette with high-low hemline, v-neck and short sleeves
  • ✓ Two handy side pockets you ll love!
  • ✓ Incredibly soft and super comfortable. Perfect as casual, summer, beach, vacation and day to night dress.
  • ✓ Measurements taken from size Small Bust: 35 , Waist: 42 , Front Length: 34 , Back Length: 34.5 , Side Cut: 3 , Sleeve Length: 6 . Model is wearing size...
Marilyn & Main Women's Long Drapey Bamboo Tank Top (Medium, Coral)
Apparel ()
  • Luxuriously Soft Naturally Grown Bamboo & Spandex
  • Loose Fit with Front Pocket
  • Soft, Airy & Comfortable
  • Highly Absorbent of Water/Sweat
  • Made in USA
Elbow Sleeve Boat Neck Bamboo Blend Dress Grey Medium
Apparel ()
  • ✓ ECO-FRIENDLY Premium Bamboo Fiber Knit Dress
  • ✓ Shift dress silhouette with boat neck and three-quarter sleeves
  • ✓ Super soft, stretchy and lightweight. Perfect as casual, work, travel and day to night dress.
  • ✓ Can be easily dress up or dress down
  • ✓ Measurements taken from size Small Bust: 49 , Waist: 48 , Dress Length: 34 , Sleeve Length: 13 . Model is wearing size Small. Model s Measurements (Ivory...

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