Bamboo Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning Solutions

Perforated Towels
Rayon created from Bamboo
25 Sheets – 10.57 in x 12 in (27 cm x 30.48 cm)
Crucial Functions:
Pick the next generation of towels and replace mainstream paper towels.
  • Super powerful – stronger and absorbent than standard report towels. Reduces the total amount of towels needed. Less report towels – happy you, happy earth!
  • Functions and feels as though a fabric after that discard like a report bath towel with less guilt
  • Reusable – Each sheet can be hand rinsed to 100 times*
  • Perfect for cooking area & restroom clean ups, carpeting & furniture cleansing & much more
  • Secured on all surfaces
  • Save woods
  • Made from green lasting source

*Number of uses differs in accordance with application.

Floor Wipes
Rayon made of Bamboo
For sale in 20 & 100 amount 8.66 in x 11 in (22 cm x 28 cm) per
Crucial Features:
Select next generation of flooring wipes being healthier the earth.
  • Optimal absorbency, Optimum durability!
  • Use on tile, porcelain, laminate, timber and all sorts of other tough surfaces
  • Matches most brand-name sweepers
  • Use within home, restroom or anywhere in the home
  • Super Absorbent
Utilize Damp or Dry:
Dry: NatureZway flooring wipes easily entice dirt, lint, hair and crumbs. Toss Away With Less Guilt!
Damp: NatureZway flooring wipes are durable for cleansing difficult floor stains. Use with your preferred solution.
NatureZwayTM NatureZway Bamboo Cleaning Cloth, 2-pack
Health and Beauty (NatureZwayTM)
  • Bamboo rayon cleaning cloths, set of 2
  • Safe to use on all surfaces
  • Super-absorbent
  • Machine-washable
Panda Superstore Set of 4 Bamboo Fiber Cleaning Cloth Eco Kitchen Dish Cloth Green and Yellow
Home (Panda Superstore)
  • Meterial: Microfiber.
  • Size: 11.4 x6.9 .
  • Perfect for kitchen and dish cleaning.
  • Super-soft microfiber cloths, ideal for cleaning tasks in the home, garage, office, and more.
  • Can be washed and reused hundreds of times, allowing you to save money on paper towels and costly cleaners.
Hazen and Associates e-cloth Dusting Cloth, 2-Piece
Home (Hazen and Associates)
  • E-cloth, 2 pack, window cleaning pack, contains a window cloth & a glass & polishing cloth
  • Adds Extra shine to your product
  • Manufactured in China
  • E-cloth® dusting cloths have millions of tiny fibers with a natural positive static charge that attracts and holds dust and allergens into its soft texturing
  • Set of 2; each cloth measures 12.5 x12.5
  • Glides easily over all surfaces
  • Cleans without potentially harmful cleaning products and their fumes
  • Guaranteed for 300 machine washings
Zebratown 2-pack 11" X 11" 100% Bamboo Fiber Exfoliate Facial Washcloth Exfoliator Dish Cloths Not Contaminated with Oil Absorbent Dishcloth Decontamination / Washing Towel / Scouring Pad
Home (Zebratown)
  • Size:5 pack of 11 x 11 washcloth
  • Material:Cotton yarn
  • Before the first use, the cloth wet, touch softer
  • Scope: Suitable for kitchen utensils, electrical appliances, furniture and so on. Wet or dry, it is the essential kitchen items.
  • Super-absorbent, leaving wipe stains, soft touch, the large contact area of fabric floating point and the object, can absorb very much space, so easy to dirt, dust...
Minibear Minibear Bamboo Fiber Cloth Organic muslin washcloth Oil Cleansing Method for healthy skin care (White 3pack)
Baby Product (Minibear)
  • 1. Size:20 x28 organic washcloths bamboo fiber washcloth perfect as organic face wipes and makeup remover.
  • 2. Perfect as oil cleaning towel, reusable baby cloth wipes washcloth.
  • 3. Best super soft bath towels & gentle organic wipes for cleansing sensitive skin.
  • 44. Perfect gifts for baby shower registry, gift baskets & travel bathing kits.
  • 5. Actually gets SOFTER after each wash. Reusable. Use them & love them over & over again.

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