Working for American Apparel

American Apparel's unique identity, commitment to sustainability and treatment of workers makes it an easy sell

In retail, brand identity is master. American Apparel has built a special identity enticing to consumers and retail employees alike. The merchant is famous for its commitment to durability, iconic adverts of the easy yet provocative style, and much more so for its treatment of staff members.

The company web site boasts that pay for apparel employees is “up to 50 times more than your competition.” The merchant features 6, 000 workers in Los Angeles, with one more 5, 000 working at stores worldwide.

Crucial owner Cerise Castle, 21, just who works during the Melrose Ave shop in l . a ., informs Monster why is her happy to function at United states Apparel and about the woman experiences inside positive environment.

Q: lots of people are wondering, what exactly is a vital holder and exactly what do they do?

A vital owner are translated into more than a product sales flooring manager. Really, I'm the shop manager's eyes and ears once they can't be from the sales flooring. I am accountable for opening and closing the shop, tasking product sales colleagues, handling sale and item audits and any other way i could supply assistance towards the store management staff.

Q: Have you upset through the ranks? Just what has resulted in your proceeded success because of the company?

When I ended up being hired in 2012, I joined the business as a sales connect. Since, I've moved within the ranks two times, to cashier and from now on crucial holder. I believe my success at American Apparel is due to durability. In retail, high turnover is a constant hindrance to keeping a well-trained and knowledgeable staff. My time aided by the company counts as a big advantage in my situation.

I'm in addition very aimed at what United states Apparel means: garments produced sweatshop free with employees receiving reasonable wages and benefits. Personal belief within core business values helps me arrived at make use of a grin every single day because i understand that individuals are revolutionizing how garments is created for the better.

Q: just what particularly about US clothing (an extremely unique brand) appeals to you? Performs this element into the capacity to sell this product?

This product is easy to market, first of all, because it seems good. We strive to add clothing for a variety of body types, therefore everybody can look and feel great within our clothes. Secondly, the item has a fabulous high quality, supported by our very own sewers and countless testimonials. The company is known for producing completely in the USA, as I said before, which is always an attraction for people.

Q: would you wear the garments that your business tends to make? What about this product works well along with your life style?

Every single day. I'm frequently wearing top to bottom United states Apparel, even to my days down. The products work very well for me personally because we provide plenty of versatility. Trendy fundamentals allow you to outfit them either up or down, day to night, work towards following party. As a 20-something in a huge city, i am looking a brandname which allows me to pursue an on-the-go way of life effortlessly, while however searching the greatest. American Apparel is effective in my situation.

Q: what's your proudest moment at American Apparel?

I do believe my proudest moment is whenever an individual informs me how much they liked their particular expertise in our shop. Hearing good feedback about my fellow staff, our design, songs and signage, that is just what really tends to make me personally smile. We wish that have fun and come back! Developing an excellent rapport with individuals is crucial, then when I see that taking place, it is the best part of my retail workday.

Q: Why do you work in retail?

I operate in retail to help make stops satisfy. I'm an independent pupil that attends a personal college, which can ben't all of that substantial inside financial aid department. I have my personal bills, tuition and other monetary worries and retail helps me stay afloat.

Q: for anybody with a burgeoning profession in retail, what is the most readily useful piece of advice you can easily lend?

Retail is not for faint-hearted. You'll see a part of people you probably don't understand existed, work very long hours folding clothing or cleaning product sales floors, nevertheless the lessons it teaches you are undeniable and applicable a great many other locations outside of the field. Retail makes myself both more diligent and personable and a more total disciplined and organized youthful lady. If you are up for difficult, shopping can be one of the most effective tasks you will ever before simply take.

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