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Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan in Dexter (Season 7) - Photo: Robert Sebree/SHOWTIME - picture ID: DEXTER7_RevMCH-023rtDexter. Photo: Robert Sebree/Showtime 2012

We all know that Dexter came to be in blood — exactly what about that army green clothing he's been using since the pilot? What is the shirt's origin story? With Dexter beginning its 8th and final period on Sunday, we rang within the tv show's costume fashion designer, Kathleen Felix-Hager, to learn. "The thought behind it absolutely was he features his type of every day, lab-geek persona at the office, " she says. "He wears bright colors that poppy ice-cream linen t-shirts and khaki pants. But when he’s the serial killer, as he leaves from the stalking clothing and the cargos, it is sort of a darker Dexter." A darker, sexier Dexter. Here's what else we learned all about his kill clothing. (Plus: Michael C. Hall gets emotional over footwear.)

1. The military green clothing, generally known as Dexter's kill shirt, is clearly called his stalking outfit, in accordance with the programs.
"There are 2 individual things that we relate to when we break up the script: the kill outfit additionally the stalking outfit. The stalking outfit may be the Henley top as well as the cargo jeans and his leather boots and leather gloves. It’s sort of like Dexter’s superhero costume. After which as he does their actual kill, there’s that which we reference while the kill fit; it's a custom-made jumpsuit that is kind of like a flight match that zips within the front side. We made eight of these."

Dexter becoming Dexter in a kill fit [proper term]. Showtime 2013

2. The stalking top is definitely supposed to present Michael C. Hall's hot body.
"Michael features an incredible body ... it certainly flaunts their shoulders and muscular arms and tiny waist. As soon as we see him in laboratory or at a crime scene, you don’t see their form. When you see him apply this superhero outfit, you notice exactly how effective and strong and fast and nimble he's."

Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan in Dexter (Season 8, episode 1) - picture: Randy Tepper/Showtime - picture ID: Dexter_801_08673. Michael C. Hall has actually worn equivalent leather stalking boots considering that the pilot, and he intends to keep them if the program wraps.
"We have multiples of them — we now have extra sets for stunts as well as increases and things like that. But Michael C. Hall himself wears that one certain No. 1 pair of boots. I do believe that’s one of many things he desires [to keep], funny enough."

4. The other thing he'll most likely keep is Dexter's I.D. badge.
"usually, i believe he’s prepared keep nearly all of Dexter at the rear of!"

5. The stalking shirt is through United states Apparel.
"It’s the Baby Thermal Henley in army green. I assume they understand it is their particular shirt. They’ve never complained about it. But they’ve never ever said, 'Here, we’d want to provide you with five dozen no-cost t-shirts, ' both. Therefore I think they’ve just sort of distanced themselves from it, neither great nor bad."

6. There are two main dozen t-shirts available at any moment, so if American Apparel ever before discontinued them, the program would have been ok.
"Same because of the cargo jeans. They are Paperback Cargo. And we also keep these things in several sizes so we can accommodate stuntmen or if perhaps any person needs to put on pads."

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