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Dov Charney: Rebel With A Cause

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Dov Charney: Rebel With An Underlying Cause

At the chronilogical age of 35, he's the youngest, most innovative, energetic and galvanizing Counselor "individual of the Year" we've had — he's also the loudest, looniest and most audacious, without doubt.

Michele Bell
August 2004

There's something you can state without a doubt in regards to the chosen Dov Charney, United states Apparel's lunatic fringe CEO, since this 12 months's therapist "Person of the Year": no body saw this coming. If Ira Neaman, Vantage's president and last year's "Person of the Year, " was a prototypical and foreseeable option, Charney is anything but. Ira is polite, politically correct, respectful and genteel. Charney, really, is not actually the poster guy for almost any of the virtues. If those in attendance at last year's therapist awards banquet believed that Neaman, the Mr. Rogers of this business, provided a speech that surprised, I am able to only hope as I compose this that everyone only at that year's occasion — to quote Bette Davis — fastened their particular seatbelts for a bumpy night.

A's Bad Man

Because brilliant while he is batty, Charney appears like a new Donald Fagan, Steely Dan's genius/wacko who was simply additionally considered a kook inside the heyday. He has a penchant for surrounding himself with are-they-or-aren't-they-of-age girls and having nude on strange occasions. Plus in situation you missed it — though we don't discover how you could — two classic Dov stunts this present year included younger models wearing United states Apparel's panties, and absolutely nothing else, played continuously regarding the monitors in the booth within ASI Show in Las vegas the 2009 March, and his models sashaying down the runway in PPAI's Apparel Fashion Show sporting thongs, of all things.

The gasping, hand wagging and "well, I nevers" were plentiful, definitely, but to his credit Charney never ever hid behind such a thing as absurd as a "wardrobe breakdown" reason. Simply put, he doesn't care that you may have already been offended. People noticed his garments and remembered their company; in a nutshell, he performed what he does most readily useful - he got your interest.

Charney's parent is a popular designer, his mommy is a popular singer along with his uncle is globally well known architect Moshe Safdie, the guy whom created the much-lauded nationwide Gallery in Canada. Plainly, Charney has actually passed down their particular imaginative impacts and finely honed aesthetic instincts. Their household also challenged him to speak up and voice his opinions, something he does in abundance. Actually, Charney started their own newsprint because he wanted a platform to ensure his views were heard. He had been 11 at that time.

"Dov generally is a genius, " Jin Kang, American Apparel's manager of sales and advertising, as soon as told me. "In accordance with that goes countless typical genius mannerisms offering, but are not limited to: megalomania, egocentrism, revolutionary and unconventional some ideas. He will not comprehend the words 'no' or 'impossible.'"

Kang, that has been with Charney almost because the beginning of American Apparel, is amongst the few people who is able to hold him down as he's in hyper, crazy mode — their "handler, " in the event that you will. This, however, actually a facile task. "It's tantamount to trying to make a wild boar take a nap and play dead, " she says.

As big as his pride and mouth are, they dwarf his dedication and drive to-do things differently on the market. "we never viewed the business enterprise design that has been set up for some organizations when I arrived to the and said, 'Well, that's the means I'm going to do so, '" Charney states. "I knew indeed there must be an even more efficient, exciting method."

And from the get-go, he is taken a page out of Sinatra's book and has done it his way. In seven brief many years he's cultivated his workforce from 50 to nearly 2, 000...

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