Clothes like American Apparel

Dov Charney's new clothing company sounds just like American

Charney is reportedly collaborating with Chad Hagan, of operation administration firm Hagan Capital, on a brand new clothes brand. The newest company will concentrate on supplying standard American-made clothing to women and men. Sound familiar? That's because United states Apparel already is present. Charney developed it in 1989.

As of this moment, bit is known about the brand new label.

“What’s vital that you us now is we’re in a position to develop this new endeavor and place Dov at the helm and we’re probably do principles again, " Hagan told ladies Wear frequent. "We don’t need just begin with some funny, on line brand name. We’re likely to do just what Dov does best and then establish a robust ecommerce system."

Hagan's relationship with Charney is certainly not new. Hagan Capital was one of the investors behind a $300 million bid backing Charney's go back to United states Apparel after the clothing brand fired him in 2014. Charney's ousting ended up being because of an "ongoing investigation into so-called misconduct, " which included allegations of sexual harassment and choking a worker.

After "vigorous" tries to restore control over the organization he founded 25 years earlier in the day, Charney had been obligated to proceed — with close to nothing. The former CEO lost all of his money whenever United states Apparel submitted for personal bankruptcy in 2015. He spent the following month or two couch-surfing and conserving exactly what he could.

Though Charney ended up being broke, it is clear he had beenn't broken. It seems he spent that newfound time and effort into creating an organization which could rival the brand name he recently lost.

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