Classic Girls American Apparel

Hey American Apparel fangirls, this is how the brand sees you

“That ended up being my very first question, ” she told Quartz in a current meeting. “that we creating for? Who is this girl? That Is this woman?”

The brand’s recently created women’s design group answered by creating three “psychographic” pages, as Schneider calls them, of female American clothing consumers. They “did these feeling panels that were awesome cool, ” she says. Three customer types got one, filled with thought narratives about their particular resides. The profiles offer some insight into how US Apparel sees its shoppers, as well as its design programs for the future.

Here these are typically, with pictures provided by American attire representing each:

“The classic girl”

The narrative with this high-school elderly United states Apparel shopper dedicated to a text to the woman buddies. “It stated, ‘Hi, I’m Chloe, ’ Schneider states. “She’s 16 yrs old, and she’s composing to the woman pals about what she’s doing in school that week and what she’s likely to do regarding the weekend—and the lady boyfriend.”

The classic girl (thanks to American Apparel)

“The classic lady”

The psychographic the developers dubbed the “classic lady” suits the majority of American Apparel’s corporate staff, according to Schneider. “This is the woman who’s 25 to 35, ” she states. “She’s grown up using brand. She really loves US Apparel.” The woman tale centered on these imagined email to her mom: “Hey mom, guess what—I’m not asking for money this thirty days. I’ve made my rent and I’ve gone shopping. I’m going wine tasting this weekend.”

The classic woman (Courtesy of United states Apparel)

“The party girl”

The storyline going back consumer, the “party girl, ” ended up being a little various. “[the woman tale] started off, ‘Oh I’m therefore hungover as a result of all the shots that i did so last night, '” Schneider claims. She adds that she’s really maybe not a different sort of girl compared to the first two much whilst the same girl “going out through the night.”

The party girl (due to US clothing)

What exactly did this workout inform Schneider towards future of American Apparel? It made this lady realize there was clearly a gap inside brand’s choices. “We had the young woman looked after, so we had the celebration girl totally cared for. Everything We had been missing many was this 25-to-35 millennial woman.”

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