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So that you can enhance inventory precision and on-shelf availability of services and products, American Apparel began making use of an RFID system that required workers at the American clothing factory to label services and products and retail staff to make use of handheld RFID readers to discover and count items in-store.

As American Apparel deployed RFID chain-wide, they envisaged even more techniques to leverage their particular current RFID methods to enhance company. American Apparel in the beginning wished to develop an RFID-enabled security system, and began working with Senitron Corporation, an RFID option supplier that specializes in hands-free reporting of merchandise matters and places for merchants. After three months, United states Apparel decided that a total store tracking option is much more good for the business, because would assist consumers and staff in finding merchandise, restrict losing items, offer information to support business analytics, and enhance security.

Senitron chose the UHF Gen 2-compliant Impinj GrandPrix™ platform for the Senitron Solution™, considering that the Impinj items carried out well collectively, and due to the fact, because the application would require many antennas, the Speedway Antenna Hub had been a perfect item to utilize. After 6 months invested developing a total store system, Senitron was asked to evaluate its suggested answer with American Apparel. During initial test, Senitron’s system found more or less 1, 500 items in a retail shop that United states Apparel staff considered to be lost. Impressed, American Apparel provided the go-ahead to deploy the device completely in two of their shops.

The Impinj powered answer from Senitron delivers from the imagine hands-free, full time stock presence. We get reliability this is certainly as good or better than with hand-held readers, in real time along with less work. We've been surprised on effortless accuracy regarding the Senitron system never to only provide counts but additionally item locations. This enables a wealth of opportunities in our roadmap towards a robust omnichannel shopping knowledge for our clients.

How It Operates

The United states Apparel stores have actually 70-100 antennas mounted in to the ceiling track lighting with a patent-pending fast link system. The antennas are spaced-out in an interlaced grid that varies with regards to the product density and store layout. Impinj Speedway Revolution visitors may ceiling installed and linked to several antennas utilizing Impinj Speedway Antenna Hubs. The antenna system combined with Speedway visitors and Antenna Hubs enables a fast installation and consistent broad location monitoring of the whole shop that can minimizes network infrastructure and energy demands.

All American attire items are tagged with Avery Dennison hang tags, powered by Impinj Monza potato chips. Typically, 98% of store products are tagged, amounting to up to 75, 000 units per shop. The tags tend to be continually monitored via the RFID antennas and visitors. The data through the visitors is transmitted into an application that does initially tier organization, after that passes the arranged information to an interim program which helps further procedure the info. After that, a synopsis file of the entire scan for the shop is made, and label place information is presented on the system’s user interface.

Us Apparel is now able to constantly monitor items during these two stores. It will help both staff and customers quickly locate product, and gives administration extra revenue information that can be used together with POS data to boost company analytics. The Senitron wide-area tracking system in addition improves security. Us Apparel can monitor dressing rooms, restrooms and exits with non-visual measures; for instance, management can easily see if a tag group moves into a restroom and disappears.


American Apparel has actually considerably gained as a result of implementation of RFID and Senitron Solution. First, American Apparel staff no longer has to use portable readers; their particular stock process is completely automatic, meaning that United states Apparel staff can dedicate longer to customer service, and generating sales.

2nd, administration today has actually 100per cent visibility of this shop. As soon as a baseline is made, each item’s motion are tracked within 30 moments. Employees can effortlessly find things, and management can have accurate, real time information on in-store items, all while expending less time and effort choosing and inventorying items. This total store presence aids in preventing theft and loss, improves the ability of consumers to locate desired products, and provides of good use information allowing shops to check their merchandising effectiveness.

As a result of popularity of the Senitron Solution, American Apparel are going to be deploying similar wide-area tracking RFID methods at 50 more of its stores.

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