American Apparel Thong ad

American Apparel Ad Banned For Showing Underage-Looking Model In A Thong

“Provocative, ” “sexualized” and upright “pervy” are only a number of the adjectives very long of American Apparel’s advertisements and item picture shoots. So it’s regularly kind of interesting to determine what ads wind up perhaps not moving muster. The advertisement above had been banned because of the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) due to the fact design putting on the thong bodysuit (actually? are these going to be something?) seems underage, and therefore the ad “could be observed to sexualize a kid.” American Apparel promises the design is twenty years old, which perfectly is true, but let’s face it, employing models who look underage, sticking them in ass-baring garb and instructing all of them to present with a wide-eyed, innocent “who myself?” phrase is a straight out of the “we know precisely exactly what we’re doing” AA playbook. That said, I’m form of in agreement because of the regular Dot that taking problem with this ad as if it’s an outlier rather than the conventional “won’t make most of a difference—especially because the brand is ignoring this type of critique consistently.” After all, we’re referring to a brandname that famously showcased an exposed asshole in just one of their adverts and a pervy upskirt picture an additional. But a fresh-faced redhead in a thong could be the genuine issue? [Daily Dot]

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