American Apparel sexual ads

American Apparel Says New Ads Will Be Less Sexy And More 'Socially Conscious'

adsIn a fresh document named "Chaotic to famous, " the brand organized its objectives for the future, including getting $1 billion in revenue concentrating on millennials and recasting the brand name "in a confident, inclusive, socially mindful light." It hopes to make this happen by casting just what, according to the document they think about is "confident and normally gorgeous" designs between 16-60 who will be "racially universal" and normal looking. And based on the accompanying photos, are sitting in a far more ladylike manner.

The report is a number of years coming for a company that features over repeatedly gotten into difficulty because of its suggestive adverts. Not forgetting, previous CEO Dov Charney - who had been fired in December 2014 - isn't any complete stranger to sexual harassment accusations.

Obviously, pushing down less provocative advertisements doesn't mean the brand is losing its advantage. In a job interview with Bloomberg, leader Paula Schneider explained that "there’s a way to inform our story in which it's not offensive. Its an edgy brand And it will carry on being an edgy brand."

With an even bigger target millennials, whom the document calls "the key influencers in fashion and current events, " it's nice to observe that the advertisements concentrating on them will likely be a bit more ... appropriate. Why don't we simply wish its casting telephone calls follow match, too. And who knows, maybe there are more hasidic designs inside our future.

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