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Will Dov Charney's Ouster Affect American Apparel's Marketing

American Apparel is sorting from tumultuous departure of CEO Dov Charney. The man, recognized for becoming politically incorrect and sometimes nude, ended up being presumably fired for misusing company money and permitting another staff member to publish nude photographs of an old feminine employee who'd sued him.

The current events highlight their online marketing strategy, which like Charney, is renowned for being politically incorrect—something the brand has found in its ad copy —as really as hypersexualized. Based on the organization's website, "most [American Apparel's] imaginative content is conceived somewhere between the next floor as well as the factory rooftop, and supervised by our creator and CEO, Dov Charney, which first launched our un-airbrushed aesthetic a lot more than about ten years ago."

To begin with, does United states Apparel work with any companies?
United states Apparel has constantly done its campaigns in house—our own photos, our very own advertisements and our own copy, even our very own purchasing. This is constantly a good investment inside our future and from now on we are going to manage to continue steadily to reap the benefits of those decisions in the beginning because we've a clear aesthetic and brand name to guide united states. We a fantastic staff of creatives, therefore we're excited to continue to create work that produces men and women talk, speaks to what our brand signifies and offer our items.

Just how could you determine AA’s online marketing strategy?
Our ads have now been provocative and interesting from time one—but perhaps not when it comes to reasons that everybody believes. Our commitment to being logo free on our clothes had been controversial, our usage of real women and men instead of expert models ended up being questionable, therefore have our political communications, not enough Photoshopping and every little thing like that.

With Charney’s deviation, will there be any changes to AA’s advertising?
We will consistently drive the envelope and talk with our clients with your advertisements, once we also have.

So the advertising continues to have a similar aesthetic and message?
Our advertisements have always been diverse and interesting—and contained a variety of emails and aesthetics (only a few of which get covered online, as you can see right here). Tend to be we planning continue with this approach? Yes.

Will there be an intimate factor to some regarding the adverts? Has there already been any discussion about toning it down?
I believe that sex and evocative imagery, done authentically and seriously, has always been a crucial the main American Apparel visual, and there would be no reason for us to abandon the brand name we've built which our clients love.

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