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U.S. Apparel, Footwear Trade Associations Go On To Merge

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hat's clothing without shoes? Trade companies do something to create new team labeled as The United states Apparel and Footwear Association.

Arlington, VA - Two premier U.S. trade businesses, the American Apparel Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and Footwear Industries of America (FIA) these days launched they will have agreed in theory to establish a brand new trade team called the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA).

Whenever finalized, the combined AAMA-FIA would represent around 700 companies whose combined sectors account fully for more than $225 billion in annual retail sales in the United States. Since it requires bylaw changes, the complete membership of both organizations could have a way to vote regarding the agreement. The poll is expected to close out this summer, and membership support when it comes to contract is overwhelmingly good.

“This agreement will enhance the worth of membership both for footwear and clothing companies, ” stated FIA Chairman John Larsen, which is president emeritus of brand new Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. “By producing the American Apparel and Footwear Association, we are going to enable two previously distinct companies to collaborate successfully on problems including trade policy to federal government contracting.”

AAMA Chairman Jim Jacobsen, that's additionally vice chairman of this Kellwood Co., added their endorsement associated with merger saying, “This contract will enable apparel and footwear companies to operate smarter and more price efficiently by pooling our resources in support of common goals. We'll attain management synergies by working collectively on problems, and we also'll reduce costs by detatching redundancies through a team work.” Jacobsen stated. “I'm delighted at the prospect with this arrangement visiting fruition. In combining those two great organizations, we undoubtedly found a great fit.”

The merger of this FIA and AAMA would simply take effect once the account of both businesses finalize the move. Larry Martin, the present president of AAMA, would after that be president of brand new AAFA.

In proposed merger, previous FIA people would be part of the FIA Division regarding the AAFA. The board of administrators that could govern the AAFA will include FIA Division people.

Fawn Evenson, that is today president regarding the FIA, would be president of FIA Division, which would keep split officials and programs within the AAFA. FIA Division people also could pursue common passions with attire people by participating on some of the 21 committees having managed underneath the AAMA. These committees give attention to dilemmas including financial administration, to information systems, to supply sequence management.

The merger arrangement in addition would connect with user companies of both companies who supply products or services to clothing and footwear organizations.

Both teams also have long and pleased traditions. The FIA's origins extend right back through a few predecessor businesses to 1869. The AAMA ended up being created in 1934 because the Southern Garment Manufacturers Association. It took title AAMA in 1960.

Contact: Larry Martin 703/524-1864

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