American Apparel Locations

Widespread retail chain uses Cradlepoint routers and Enterprise Cloud Manager for high-speed failover, VPN support & cloud-based network management to ensure network uptime

Among the couple of clothing companies to accomplish all of its manufacturing into the U.S., United states Apparel has to utilize every angle to compete against international organizations with less operating expenses.

Those types of sides is using Cradlepoint routers for cordless Internet back-up. United states Apparel has also discovered that these routers can handle using IPsec protocol for VPN to firmly interact with their Cisco products. The protocol enables the organization to produce virtual personal communities between its head office and all of its retail places all over the world.

“IPsec capacity is essential because we’re phasing out our Nortel Connectivity VPN and dancing with Cisco, ” states Osvaldo Hurtado, United states Apparel’s Director of Store IT Infrastructure. “I also like undeniable fact that the Cradlepoint unit is service agnostic and works together with just about any carrier system obtainable, giving our stores a wireless failover answer when they go offline. Carrier freedom, plus IPsec and its capacity to be a wireless operator is an excellent combination for people.”


Us Apparel is a vertically incorporated manufacturer and retailer of clothes for men, women, young ones – and also dogs. All phases of manufacturing, from cutting and sewing to marketing and photography, are done in the business’s downtown Los Angeles factory. American Apparel features more than 280 shops located throughout the United States, European countries, Asia, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Mexico and Australia. Its Los Angeles factory could be the biggest sewing center in North America.


The initial impetus to do business with Cradlepoint, Hurtado says, grew from US Apparel’s dependence on a wireless failover system to make sure continuous online accessibility. The places’ need for PCI compliant Web use of procedure charge card transactions, conduct time administration tasks, supply email communications, and manage inventory control.

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