American Apparel High Waisted Swimwear

American Apparel swimwear Reviews

Before we write the good qualities and cons with this piece, I'd like to start-off by saying we absolutely adore it. It's among the best pieces during my clothes, that I scarcely put on.

As a swim piece, it is a little impractical. American Apparel may be known to amuse nips, however with this piece, you may be bearing all regarding the accidental. Maybe it's because I'm flat chested, but the deep V could fly open every once in awhile, especially when wearing the bonnet on. (Also, it's very Brazilian slice, physically this isn't in my own safe place.) The perk to wearing it as a swim piece is the energizing cool you will get from a wet hood as it falls in your bare back. If it is hot out while the sun is burning up down on your back, this may feel just like heaven.

As a-one piece, this will be amazing! The hood is an unconventional cool function therefore allows for an entirely backless appearance. Great with high-waisted bottoms. It is quick, yet edgy.

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