American Apparel Groupon 2014

American Apparel Source Raves About A $3 Million Groupon Deal

These scary stories declare that Groupon customers don't save money than they should being utilize their discount coupons.

But a supply from American Apparel tells us he is seen product sales numbers following his business's cope with Groupon "that disprove most continuous doubts about Groupon."

Our resource says the good thing of the price, though, had been how United states Apparel could add a lot of Groupon clients to unique mail number.

"The killer had been current email address purchase... We converted about 25per cent of available redemptions into becoming a member of our email number... which can be on the right track to come up with an extra five to six figures in on line income."

Groupon ended up offering 133, 000 Groupons at $25 a deal in america for an overall total revenue surpassing $3.3 million. Our resource informs us Groupon arrived with this cope with "a great deal much not even half" of that $3.3 million figure.

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