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American Apparel Casting Call: We Want “Real Models,” Not “Instagram Hoes or THOTS”

Days after it was reported that American Apparel is airbrushing hard nipples and pubic tresses away from its designs, ANIMAL features learned that that the millennial merchant is apparently trying to prevent featuring “Instagram hoes or THOTS” in its ad campaigns. “THOT” is a slang acronym for term “that hoe over here.”

A member of staff in the business just who asked to keep private forwarded a copy of a recently available mail sent by PhotoGenics Media for an US clothing casting telephone call at retailer’s la headquarters on March 18th. The information of this picture shoot, per the email, checks out:



It’s not clear what way PhotoGenics obtained from United states Apparel regarding the casting call. Whenever contacted by phone, PhotoGenics Agency Director Phira Luon said the scenario had been sorted on aided by the client. He later assumed complete duty for the email’s contents:

The casting mail and its particular articles were intended for a number of designs that would be going to the casting. As with all internal company e-mails, it contained information that may be private and protected because of the attorney-client that will represent non-public information.
it absolutely was intended to be conveyed only to the designated recipients in that mail. Any usage, dissemination, circulation, or reproduction of this message by unintended recipients is certainly not authorized and may also be unlawful.

The opinion made at the end was built in jest with models whom we have a personal commitment with and didn't mirror the views, or directives because of the client. excuse me to all the people who had been offended or impacted by my commentary, since it had not been my objective.

While Luon took the blame for the e-mail’s offensive language, the United states Apparel employee said that general message of this email ended up being in keeping with the latest course employees had obtained in relation to its designs. American Apparel is (and is still) criticized for sexualizing models just who look underage, but the business has also been lauded for its using “regular individuals” in promotions and minimal Photoshopping. The business’s “real folks” visual, which promoted pretty folks from in the organization and earnestly searched outside the casting globe, was not perfect, but insiders come to mind your brand-new management is getting off its formal “regular people” position completely.

In line with the staff member, United states Apparel Senior Vice President of advertising Cynthia Erland was behind this new airbrushing plan and contains been pushing for a rebrand that conforms to business criteria favoring predominantly white models 5’7” or bigger. This woman is believed to have commented that present females showcased on the website are too “short” and “round” and wants to throw models who look Eastern European or Russian.

Erland had been introduced by CEO Paula Schneider on March 9. Schneider happens to be attempting to distance the clothes brand name from the questionable and eccentric president and previous CEO Dov Charney. After Schneider took over last summer time, she vowed to sculpt along the overt sex for the brand’s ads while maintaining the site’s socially conscious, edgy vibe. Under Erland’s gaze, however, several men and women familiar with the business’s marketing work state the brand name is losing touch using diversity of their audience.

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