American Apparel Black Disco pants

Disco pants origins is contested. Bay area in the belated 1960s is sourced by many manner experts once the birthplace of Disco Pants.

Disco Pants 1970s

They're form-fitting, high-waist unisex stretch jeans created from a heavyweight Nylon/Elastane combination that produces a flattering slimming effect. These were made popular by Olivia Newton John in 1970s film Grease but could be seen worn by both men and women throughout the late 1970s through the mid 1980s. Male music artists such as for example Leif Garrett, Shaun Cassidy, the Brothers Johnson, Menudo (band) and John Waite amongst others wore disco pants during performances. Female artists including Dottie West, The Nolans, Tina Turner, Kate Bush, The Mandrell Sisters, Sheena Easton, Yuri (Mexican singer), Christie Allen, Crystal Gayle and others could possibly be seen sporting the pants. Additionally, in those times numerous stars and actresses could be seen using these pants in films and tv shows. Solid-gold (television series), a weekly United states tv series about hit music, regularly showcased both male and feminine performers in disco pants.

The absolute most well regarded labels of disco jeans with this age includes Frederick's of Hollywood, Le Gambi, Bojeangles, Michi, Jonden, Tight End and Trousers Up. All brands generally featured 2 back pockets, though 1 pocket versions had been additionally readily available but were less frequent. As well as the jeans showcased a button/buttonhole closure or break button closing and a metal or plastic zipper. Some designs showcased belt loops.


a material made from or containing a polyurethane dietary fiber with elastic properties form-fitting, high-waist stretch pants made of a heavyweight elastic material such spandex, polyester and Lycra were the materials of preference during the disco era. Since these materials could fit firmly and cling into the human anatomy, clothing made from such product had been greatly popular. Bold, remarkable colors and crazy, geometric patterns had been all the rage. Vibrant, light-reflecting textiles like satin's and silks in addition to silver lamé or sequin-encrusted clothes might make the perfect disco statement.

Disco Pants 2007 revival

Pop celebrities such Jessie J have begun putting on them once more, progressing through the 1970s there is developing the coat which go with the jeans.

In 2008, United states clothes producer United states Apparel reintroduced disco pants into the buying public, albeit in a version a little different from the original from 30 years earlier in the day. This brand new disco pant showcased an excellent thin fit and tend to be regarded as being leggings, as they are form-fitting from waistline all the way down seriously to the hems. In every various other respects, this updated disco pant retained the attributes of originals, including material content, back pockets and button/zipper closure. The revived disco pant as created by American Apparel profoundly impacted global manner sectors and started industry to numerous comparable disco pants because created by various other manufacturers. Unlike the initial version, these brand new disco jeans tend to be purely promoted to females and are also worn mainly by them.

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