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So You Think You Know T-Shirts?

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So You Think You Know Tees?

The Counselor
Tonia Cook Kimbrough
August 2002

You don't need to maintain our business very long to think you have a pretty great handle on tees, because of the undeniable fact that they truly are every where. I know I felt this way. until recently. As "Wearables view" editor, I seen endless varieties of tees within the last couple of years; at the least one-third for the pr announcements I receive want to do with this specific classic promotional apparel.

Following retail news, I've additionally discovered of consumer styles in the T-shirt style. Just recently, through the 2001/2002 periods, did I finally recognize the tried-and-true tee continues to have the capability to amaze. Provided current innovations, I think we have just begun to scratch the surface of this seemingly easy however incredibly resistant and common apparel. Various examples:

These innovations often tend toward the dramatic, but they demonstrably result in the point: T-shirts tend to be extremely diverse and always developing. We come across this inside our own business. Performance materials, new slices and special building strategies have made for an exciting assortment of alternatives in advertising tees. Price points and degrees of quality vary extensively also.

Not Just For Undies Anymore
The product range of choices speaks directly to the range of uses (and users) of shirts. "It used to be that tees were only undies, " recalls David Stacks, advertising director at Augusta Sportswear. "Nowadays, my two sons put on T-shirts within their particular public-school uniforms. They chance their key's wrath if they put on other things." Their point: "These days's shirts are specifically made to match customers' varying needs. A tee which is made for a building subcontractor's summertime outdoor tasks are made of a lighter-weight material versus tee created for a wintertime skier which layers-up their clothing when dressing for the mountains."

Consequently, there are many considerations when choosing tees for customer promotions and other reasons. Body weight, construction, color and style, simply to identify a few. "regarding recommending a T-shirt, it is important to consider the softness of this hand, the caliber of the sewing, the richness of color in addition to general body weight associated with the top, " explains Mike Reed, director of marketing for Hanes Printables. We are going to analyze each of these things plus — and on the way find out about a few of the advances and styles which make a T-shirt a whole lot more than just a T-shirt.

T-shirt loads range from the very light (5.3-oz) to a far more standard (5.5-oz) on to the observed worth of a weightier (6.1-oz and even 7.1-oz) shirt. The extra weight you and your customer choose may rely on any number of aspects:


American Apparel Mens American Apparel Unisex Poly-Cotton 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Shirt, White/Black, Large
Apparel (American Apparel Mens)
  • Soft and lightweight in our poly-cotton blend
  • Durable rib neckband
  • Raglan 3/4 sleeves
  • Unisex size - women may prefer to order one size smaller
American Hawk Children's Apparel American Hawk Toddler Boys' 2 Pack: Raglan Baseball Jersey T-Shirts, White/Black/White/Navy, 3T
Apparel (American Hawk Children's Apparel)
  • Rib knit crew neckline
  • Two-tone baseball design
  • Straight cuffs and hem
American Apparel Womens American Apparel Women's Poly-Cotton Cropped 3/4 Sleeve Raglan, White/Black, X-Small/Small
Apparel (American Apparel Womens)
  • Poly-cotton (50 percent polyester/50 percent cotton) construction
  • Size XS/S approximately 16 3/8 inch
  • Durable rib neckband
  • Raglan 3/4 sleeves
American Apparel Mens American Apparel Men's Thick Knit Jersey Baseball Tee, White, Medium
Apparel (American Apparel Mens)
  • Poly-cotton (50 percent polyester/50 percent cotton) construction (heather grey contains 10 percent polyester)
  • Size S approximately 32 5/8 inch
  • 6-Button closure
American Hawk Children's Apparel American Hawk Big Boys Short Sleeve Baseball Style Henley Pullover, International Blue, 10/12
Apparel (American Hawk Children's Apparel)
  • Piping along raglan stitching matches solid chest pock
  • Straight cuffs and hem

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