All American Apparel Company

About Us

"Our goal is to support United States Of America people and jobs by making high-quality clothes in america at a realistic price. By continuing to keep our production in america currently jobs and a tax base that aids our communities."

"We value our country as well as the people on it; whenever we were only in it for the money we might move our manufacturing offshore. We're going to NOT trade USA tasks for foreign profits..."

The Birth of An United States Organization
It absolutely was 2002, Lawson Nickol had a job he liked and money that supported his family. Searching in the future he saw vow of an appropriate retirement. But he did not anticipate the approaching bump in the road. As a sales supervisor for a USA jeans maker, he thought he was performing suitable thing by offering a product which was as American as "apple pie and baseball". One evening while shopping in a retail shop he discovered their organization's label on a set of jeans; a style he'd maybe not seen before. Their initial reaction was "great, our retail unit has branched into string shops hence indicates healthy growth. This is great!" Incorrect. unfortunately that bump when you look at the road had simply arrived. Lawson noticed the label indicated "manufactured in Mexico". With a frantic and unsatisfactory telephone call to headquarters he verified the label ended up being precise. Abruptly there was clearly a disturbing realization; their workplace had started to outsource.

Where We Are

Exactly what he performed about it: the very thought of sending jobs outside our edges don't remain well with Lawson and then he was certain it could never be appropriate on American work market in which he'd offered for a long time. His enthusiasm and reputation ended up being built by providing high quality American Made jeans. This development was devastating. Within days he turned-in their resignation.

A hope and a dream: Lawson cannot allow his employer spoil their reputation or allow greed break his passion for encouraging American employees along with his family. He decided he must still help United States Of America made in addition to faithful customers that still want to buy American, even if he had to really make the jeans himself.and that has been the start of All American clothes Co. The first a long period were hard, the organization survived on family cost savings, taking monetary risks and dealing long hours. Yet each year the company carried on to develop. The fantasy emerged real.Today, All-american Clothing Co. creates huge number of jeans per year and will continue to provide numerous People in america with tasks!

Thank-you: The Nickol family consistently operate the business that supplies patrons with items that you may be happy to put on. Your family plus the workers believe "the united states label will always stay on our jeans since you and we also understand the importance of USA Made". Whenever you buy a set of All-american Jeans our label does mean; many thanks from united states, our workers in addition to folks within nation just who continue to have great tasks as a result of people as if you. Thanks from many of us.

Our Success Formula

  1. Staff Members. We create a breeding ground that encourages imagination, passion and pleasure become element of a USA business.
  2. We encourage workers to take risks. Our motto, “Make Something Happen Today, Day-after-day” includes suggesting a few ideas, getting outside the box to save a client or gain a new consumer.
  3. Top notch provider: perhaps the client is right or wrong we strive to exceed consumer objectives and offer these with absolutely nothing under world class service!
  4. We accept absolutely nothing lower than exemplary product quality.
  5. We deliver the message to employees and clients that as American Made entrepreneurs “it is not exactly about money”. It is about standards of lifestyle, training, international security, employee’s tasks, health of people as well as the future of the latest generations. It's also about helping our next-door neighbor while the certainly needy.
  6. Be unique. Do something differently from the other countries in the audience. It's not our objective to compete against the company outside or throughout the border.

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